SatSang = Sat ka Sang

Satsang = Sat + Sang, Sat ka sang.

What is Sat ?

Well, that is a large topic in itself, but in short if I have to explain what I have understood “Sat” as than it is “a journey or a desire towards being in highest possible state of ones being”.

What is Sang ?

Sang – Sang means Company. Sang means being together, spending some time together.

What is SatSang?

SatSang thus would mean placing oneself , spending some time being in the company of who are on the same path or journey, who are wanting to achieve or have already achieved the same higher level state of consciousness as you would want to establish yourself in.

What happens during SatSang ?

When you are in company of people who are vibrating at frequency than yours, as per the law of nature, the energy flows from higher frequency to lower and ultimately the person with lower frequency benefits.

Also it encourages one to aspire for, practice for and do whatever is required to vibrate at higher frequency.

What is “the higher frequency” which I am referring to and how to identify it?

When you are at PEACE, you are fully composed, the vibrations and energy with which you work, interact is way much different than the frequency which you vibrate when you are in DOUBT or pain.

Why Regular SatSang Required?

Being with People who will encourage you to remain on the path of righteousness, will help you keep going and progressing. In times of doubt, there will be someone who will answer the question and re-enforce the faith in yourself and humanity. It will also act as a check-point as well as a safety net to ensuring your journey continues and doesn’t gets stalled due to any external events/challanges.

A regular Sat-Satsang therefore is required, at least once a week, if not Daily. 🙂

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