Why Daily Meditation is Required

People vibrate at different frequencies. 

Depending on the circumstances, a same person can also get into a tendency to vibrate at different frequency than normal frequency, unless he does daily meditation and remains grounded (i.e. more or less remains at a FIXED – FREQUENCY. )

If you want to maintain your frequency or raise it to higher levels be with the people who have higher frequency than yours. This is effortless way of remaining at higher-level. But that may not always be possible, hence a conscious way would be to practice Meditation daily and listen to satsang audio/videos, read GITA.

If for some reason you are required to be with people whose frequency is currently (as-of-now) is lower than yours, then there is a tendency that you may low down to their frequency, unless you are conscious enough of your thoughts.

To keep vibrating at a regular frequency, a daily meditation is must.

To keep yourself on the right path regularly and especially when you are with people with lower frequency or otherwise also to keep you going further on righteousness path, a daily meditation is required.

Being in the company of people who have a practice of daily meditation will encourage you to follow them. Meditation will keep you grounded and on the right path.

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