Defining SUCCESS

Reflecting back  on past 5-6 years, My Learning –  an extract – from kids”preparing for Entrance Exams” like NEET/JEE the Journey (so far) : 

1. Daily LIFE & Competition are TWO DIFFERENT things. Competition CHALLENGES YOU.  It’s OK to “NOT LIKE” COMPETITION, however when you become a participant, ensure to have HUNGER TO WIN, & be Hungry enough to win Big-time,  develop a COMPETITIVE side which gives you a chance to “PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD”. {A detailed video on this Building-block can be found here }

2. Don’t underestimate Competition nor the competitors. There’s a difference between Confidence, Arrogance & Ignorance.

3. HARD-WORK takes over Talent, when Talent doesn’t work hard.

4. Everything is possible, for those who are SELF DISCIPLINED.

5. Aim HIGH, understand what The ACTUAL Challenge is (External & most importantly INTERNAL CHALLENGES within)

6. Respect & Keep-an-eye-on-time. Time supports those who respect it.

7. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act). PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE You pick up the Trophy at competition/result-Day which you have Earned during daily PRACTICE..

8. Start-Early, (jetli unchi building, eetlu neechethi khodvu paade. Aag laage tyare kuvo na khoday)

9. Don’t procrastinate,(Sureshot hoy eene Doubtful nai banva devanu)
10. Devil lies in the DETAILS. Development an EYE for Details &   learn how to Analyze Details.

11. READ QUESTION Attentively + SLOWLY, & WHILE ANSWERing – Do it ONCE, Do it RIGHT.

12. Learn from Your Mistakes, Analyze them, Don’t carry them around. USE THEM like a stepping stone.

13. It’s OK to Fail. No failure is a failure, if you learn from it.

14. Don’t Ever GIVE UP.  Face inward. You have to pick your self UP. Walk, if you can’t run, crawl if you can’t walk. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

15. Finding faults with others will BE OF NO USE, IT WILL NEVER GIVE YOU any LONG-TERM SUCCESS. Understanding YOUR own strengths, shortcomings & patterns, self-assessment will.

16. Respect the WINNERS & LEARN from their success. Sympathize with those who couldn’t achieve what-they-wanted & learn from them too. Respect all the participants who played well &  faught-hard till the end.

17. & Last but most important, Give your BEST, without getting attached to the results. 

Now,  it’s your turn to extend the list 🙂

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