LIFE is simply ä GAME of THOUGHTS

I heard someone say / read somewhere = Whenever I think I have found my center of gravity ;  it shifts. 🙂

My reflections / viewpoint –

Life is simply a “game of thoughts” – If you understand this, you will conquer IT;

 If not, then, you will fall prey to it.

 If you depend on outer objects (for your happiness / encouragement); Then you will REMAIN a BEGGER ,

 If you look within (you’ll experience a miracle); you’ll find the most reliable & an abundant source..

 A source which is yours most personal & which will never fail you – EVER.

 We “think” we know so many things or we understand xyz person /people in general.

But the fact is – we even don’t know our own self..

Our thoughts keep changing & whether we openly accept or not but the fact is our feelings keep changing ( shifting their base)… even then if we “”claim”” to love or hate a person basis whether he “falls in place” wrt our expectation / liking /thinking.. then it’s time for a reality check.. it’s time to go to Dr. Who knows us best… i.e. our own self..

 We “think” we know why we do or not do a certain thing/action;

 Basis their “thinking” -Other’s have a “different” view of why we did what we did..

 But the fact is – when even “We” don’t know why we did it, how will ever “the OTHER” know why it was Done !!

 So always remember… Life is simply “ä game of thoughts” .. DONT FALL PREY TO IT…

पिंजरा खुल गया; पंछी उड़ गया, अब रोता क्यू है?

अब रोना नही, कही खो जाना नही..

खुश हो जा के  उसे” (पंछी को)  तुज़से मुकित मिल गयी,

अब ही सही वक़्त है – तू समभल जा, तू समझ जा, तू सुधार जा

के तू भी खुद, खुदसे मुक्त हो जा.

शायद ये विचार फिर ना आएगे..

शायद (ये वक़्त गुजर गया तो) यह मंज़र फिर बदल जाएगा

( क्यूकी अल्टिमेट्ली यह तो फिर आख़िर “विचार”ही है)

पर शायद आगर तू समझ गया है अभी

तो फिर तुझे रोने की जारूरत ही नही.




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