Worldwide, people are encouraged to live active life by playing sports / GAMES.  The physical & mental benefits of playing sports have been much emphasized by doctors, teachers & practically every other profession.

Below, I pen down my thoughts about how an analogy of the same can power the spiritual side of an individual & flame the desire to live up to one’s potential.

However one short specification – I would encourage people to play ANIMATION/SPORTS GAMES, especially the ones which involves timers & lives”….


The worldly reason would be – because, at mental level it helps in developing a competitive spirit & a survival instinct, much required in this mad crazy world.

At a deeper spiritual level, if given a thought – the answer would be à

Because, Isn’t our LIFE just like the TIMED GAME?? Clock ticking away…& only a single LIFE to LIVE

A Life – full of possibilities, live – to achieve a Dream..{Or may be for some it will be a long list of “to-do before I die” }

Well whatever the case may be.. (a single dream or a list of them)… but one thing which is crystal clear –> Living life without a dream {or worst, with a shattered dream} is as good as like “Being Dead”!!

Some of my friends {who haven’t tested success yet or who haven’t tried anything yet} might argue – the path is quite difficult / it’s not that easy / why bother to go thru all the pain / what’s the guarantee that having a dream will do any good / worst – ultimately anyway each one is bound to Die, so why bother..

While some others {who tried but couldn’t survive the obstacles on path to their dreams}, might argue — I have tried & it rarely works as 100% expected…or I had a dream & now it’s shattered?? I have no desire to LIVE any more. What’s the fun having a Dream, if we can’t achieve it / all?. This philosophy of “Live Fully, Live Happy” is too hunky dory to be good.

My answer to them would be, à LIFE is A GAME & since we have only 1 LIFE to PLAY the GAME, it becomes all the more essential to, (A) Have a dream & (B) Make efforts to realize that dream.

So let failure neither make you bitter nor want you to lose hope & heart.  Do not throw in the towel, so soon. In Animated GAMES, we get a couple of lives to clear a level, but also with each level the game becomes more & more challenging. Same is case with actual life. If you skilfully pass simple difficulty, life will throw an advanced challenge.  So instead of giving up, rest if you must (take a break), but don’t give up.  Well, change the play-field / game if you so wish to, but don’t give up the desire to play. & once you decide to play then definitely play it full heartedly, to win / reach next level.

In a GAME of BOXING a player is not declared a looser until he fails to get up.  But to continue playing, one needs to play full heartedly else for sure you will keep receiving BLOW after BLOW, without scoring any punches.  So GET UP & PLAY FULL HEARTEDLY.

& how/when can you PLAY FULL HEARTEDLY??  Answer is – only when you are true to yourself.

So take time to know yourself (who you really are) & to find your deepest & most personalized dream –> A dream which would be definitely worth living & dying for. And when you find such a dream, that single dream would propel you towards achieving it, with 100% focused approach & dedicated efforts.

<p></p><p>No obstacle will remain & you would PLAY LIFE, FULL HEARTEDLY!!</p><p></p>




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