May You Be At PEACE

Why is human in so much PAIN & Suffering? Why (when we have every possible materialistic thing), still are AASHANT?  What is that which can bring us PEACE? How can we be PEACEFUL / at PEACE? 

FACT : Mai aatma shantswaroop hu…  

Two things : 

1.       We forget this basic fact (Mai Aatma hu) & start associating ourselves with “worldly” identity – name / relations / materialistic possessions etc (this is MAYA)…  

2.       further we  fall in trap of EGO & loose touch with our true nature (True nature of Aatma – love, aanand, shanti, bhakti, )

In below para(s),  I try to pen down  in simple English my limited understanding & thoughts  .. 

When a child is born she is always happy (& cries when hungry / any need to be satisfied). At that time she is not aware of any “false” identity. Her  aatma  is not blinded /surrounded by EGO or should I say falsehood.. hence she is always at peace. 

Slowly, slowly when she starts growing up, her world expands – her mother, her father, her family, her friends, her teachers, her classmates, her colleagues & so on.. & each interaction provides her rather enforces on her, their views about what she is – i.e. who she is or should be .. hence in process of growing up & knowing the world.. she starts to “accepts ”the identity as provided by /bestowed on her, by different people thru various interactions.. 

 & .. she looses sense of her ÖRIGINAL”REAL IDENTITY & starts to believe the FORMED ÏDENTITY” which she has been receiving or see people use to address / relate to her…  

this is nothing but which give birth to EGO (which envelopes/shadows the true identity “the Aaatma”)  & with each interaction/time it keeps forming strengthening  (even science has accepted EGO as part of personality – ref. Sigmund Freud’s defination1   .ID, EGO & SUPEREGO) …  & now when she starts to relate the receiving’s/expectations on basis her false identity, & gets trapped in EGO, it gives birth to FEAR, ANGER, HURT, DEPRESSION.(Negative feelings) & NEGATIVE Thoughts .. This becomes the very root cause of pain, suffering, sorrow in her life..  because she has forgotten her true nature (Mai aatma shantswaroop hu), she keeps dwelling / interacting with world in her sorrowful state & falls prey to MAYA, engulfed with MOHE for worldly objects / relations… </p><p> </p><p>So if she understands her true identity + nature & during the course of day keeps reminding herself about the TRUTH, she would be at peace with herself. She will be free of fear.. she will find herself strengthened & strong to handle the situation (because she has nothing to loose, nothing to fear, nothing to gain.. all is just a GAME 🙂 ) 

Wishing all a “Reminder to self” – “Mai Aatma ShantSwaroop Hu”..

NB: In no way is the above a display of knowledge ..The motive is share a thought & receive inputs from friends & dear ones about their view on the topic.  

Look forward to hear from many of you.. 

Regards MP – 2013.03.14

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