Silence is BLISS … :)

All that ever was worth knowing, expressing & sharing is already available…. SILENCE is thus BEST FRIEND of the AWAKENED one.

However, for lesser ones or those on path of journey, as & when one becomes aware of “IT”, one starts thinking he/she “now” have “FOUND” an understanding.  [& He/She is filled with so much happiness that he now want to share it with whole world]

As long as the newly acquired understanding helps in remaining afloat, doesn’t contribute in our becoming heavy headed (drowned in EGO) & then in that state, if in purest sense the sharing of acquired knowledge with others is undertaken, then it helps the seeker as well as the person with whom the knowledge is shared.  Such a sharing results in spreading goodness, happiness & peace.

As long as the intention of spreading the understanding is that it may help others & most important without us being caught in the false possessiveness – it’s an action worth undertaking. 

The other, may or may not understand, agree & follow what is being shared…. That’s OK. Whatever may be the case; a true seeker understands & accepts it.  His heart filled with love for the other, he continues to support the other in whichever way possible, without the precondition laid.

There comes a time when the seeker understands that he/she is there to just play his part & play it well…. (The outcome anyways is not 100 dependent on him alone. As GITA says – Karm kiye ja)

& then slowly a realization that … “All that ever was worth knowing, expressing & sharing is already available :)”

Hence starts a renewed way of living ….. Balancing the “internal self exploration” & “sharing the found” only if required/asked for.




May All be Blessed…. with Happiness, Health  & Bliss.

Source : My Diary – Inner Reflections

2 December 2013 at 14:45

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