Thx 2 GOD who touched & expanded me

I had questions of why-what-happened happened…

happned, yesterday.. day before … a few months & years ago…

I lived my life.. ..continuously striving to find answers…

& many a times living under the burden of my self created illusions, sorrows & pain..

desperately praying for happiness & freedom…


In my inner reflections…what I realized NOW ,

that In the process of “what-happened” & “search for understanding of why-what-happened”

GOD with his forgiveness, love & blessings..

HE touched me, my heart & expanded it…

It was GOD’s miraculous way of providing me with what I needed…

not necessarily in the form I had asked for..

but definitely in the way much required…..


(& since I had failed to understand..

I had been only REACTING, instead of RESPONDING..

& all the while wondering why-what-happned happned..

Questioning GOD..& looking for answers….



Today, I feel expanded & at peace.. with myself..

I see & accept my imperfections..

& as I understand myself more…

more easy it’s becoming for me to love myself & my near & dear…

& other human beings of this same world..

who directly or indirectly were an instrumental part…

part of the journey/path which I was treading & trying to understand…


I thank thee…

for blessing me with HIS forgiveness, love& eternal happiness & bliss…..


Yes the Worldly duties keep pulling me back to this Human World..

I understand that they are much required.. for they are like the current/waves of the ocean/river..

which help live continue to go on & flow…

While the interactions with self.. They act like anchor..

so the SHIP remains stable & can resume the journey..

much required, irrespective of the waters, smooth or turbulent..


[It’s like finding detachment in attachment

& being aware that in detachment also lies root of attachment

One should not even get attached to his detachment, else is he really detached?? lol

JUST BE…( & enjoy the GAME),  BE AWARE… (& do not get CHAINED to it too).. ]


So what I understand today is..

If we learn & can anchor ourselves..

then we free ourselves & conquered our fears..

We helps to start letting ourselves flow.. with the worldly flow…


Yes still there are some unanswered questions..

& I have full faith & hope that someday ..

may be they will also get answered..

when HE makes me 100% ready to receive the answers..

HE WILL bless me with required insights…


With that trust in HIM.. NOW I do not ask anything in particular from GOD..

neither happiness nor moksha… but an understanding of self..

for I know HE has been & will definitely keep blessing me with what I deserve.


Dear GOD, Thanks.. Thx for touching me & showering me with your LOVE & Blessing & Forgiveness..

Om Shanti..


MP 2013.04.04

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