Your EXTREMLY STRONG Emotions are your part of being.

Feelings are Feelings and THEY DO NOT have a REASON or BASE. Let me explain – when you meet someone, the moment your eyes see him or your mind remembers him, along with that memory or the processing of what eye has seen, all the “PAST MEMORY” associated with that person flashes and rushes to your brain. Along with the “PAST memory” the “stored good/bad experience that brain has evaluated and stored” rushes to your mind. And the sharp processer that the BRAIN is, jumps to conclusion based on “PAST experiences”. It happens in a flash.

Either you need to have BLIND-LOVE for that person, to ignore anything and everything that your brain is computing and showing you to OR You should be in your FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to “ACT” and NOT REACT.  To override that one flash-reaction based on fast-decision, one needs to PAUSE… DO NOT GIVE ANY REACTION. “ACT NEVER REACT”


Love is love. Beyond everything. An Extremely strong emotion. Like strong faith has NO REASON, same way Love has NO Reason. Yes, LOVE is an emotion and like any emotion, it needs to be dealt with “mind” and full consciousness. Because anything in access turns out to be POISION.

Love is beyond reasons. And If someone is asking you to “Prove it” – He too is NOT WORTH it.

Love is beyond reasons. If someone asks you to prove it & if you can “justify” it or “prove it” then even, you are wrong. It might be something else, but NOT love.

& Love is most precious. It is a GEM and as you won’t give precious GEM to anyone without actually checking if that person knows the value of love and whether the person is worth it, same way NEVER EVER COMMIT to GIVING LOVE to SOMEONE without first becoming sure that the person you are giving it to actually deserves it, worth it or ATLEAST VALUES it of receiving it.

Question : WHO are YOU to EVALUATE OTHERS ? If You start evaluating everyone, will you ever find a single person ? Are you THE ONE capable of RECEIVING? The only thing in your hand is understanding is

“In Giving = Receiving”

So if you are capable and strong enough to Give, then for your own happiness, “share yourelf” with full understanding that “the decision to GIVE/not-give was/is/will-be yours”

“Unconditional love” – absolute stupidity.   “The word” ends up being used without understanding and becomes a source of emotional blackmail by toxic people. It becomes fassi-ka-fandha for people who are over-committed (mostly people who are overcomitted are the most EGOistic) Don’t expect to seek nor give “unconditional love” commitment to anyone, without actually understanding what it means.

“Unconditional Love” – Anything in eccess is POISION.

So, if you use it, then remember that in name of Love and unconditional love, you are giving open permission to yourself and to any other person to openly exploit you, even destroy you. 

BEAWARE of SUCH PEOPLE, including yourself.

BEAWARE of SUCH THOUGHTS of self-destruction.

Simply learn to be “BALANCED” in any and every interaction, be it with self or with any other person.

Instead, Whenever Give, Give with Compassion.

When “you connect with some, in full awareness & internal state-of-detatchment”, then there is a possibility of “accepting the other as-is” & may be “if you are in state of Giving, then you tend to give unconditionally, without any expectation of any return”.

But we live in this “materialistic world” & human mind has a tendency to keep a check-and-balance. It definately will highlight from time to time, the “flow of transaction” – sometimes its unidirectional, sometimes one directional” and keeps changing with time and state-of-being of people involved.

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