Spending Yourself Well

Your TIME & Energy are two extremly valuable resource which you have. You have finite TIME on this earth.

If YOU VALUE Yourself & if you genuinly love yourself and the ones who love you, then YOU MUST keep an eye on where you spend your energy.

Below is my current understanding about where one should spend his/her energy and what expectations to keep while interacting with people.


To take a case, people who I interact with, I have tried to “Place” them into “My-Proximity-Circle”. The people who I place in which Circle, has little to do with PEOPLE-themselves, it is MORE-TO-DO with “How I look, understand, have experienced these people”. Actually they are placed there as per “MY REFLECTION” of “MY Comfort-zone”. So while I do place someone in “TOXIC “, it ONLY means that “For ME & My-mental health” I find them toxic. The person himself/or herself MIGHT NOT BE TOXIC for people who are his friends or who have learnt “the art of adjusting with that person”.

So with above understanding, sharing below “MY-PROXIMITY-CIRCLE

KNOWN ACTION, rahter than “Emotional Reaction

And Now How to decide about MY-STAND or ACTION when I am required to interact with different people in “MY-PROXIMITY-CIRCLE”

Spending Your TIME Wisely

Looking forward to your views and comments

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