Being ME !

Past three days I had BUNKED (NOT gone to) GYM. Physically, I already had started feeling lethargic and, in a way, my-body was looking forward to that ONE-HOUR of workout. But with a “Typical INDIAN MOM” mindset that I had carried for years, it was so natural for me to NEGLECT my needs and give in to “high emotional guilt”.  The questions which were holding me back – is GYM so important than your kids? It’s just another two days, you can always do extra hours when kids go back to hostel. Right?


TODAY, “AGAIN” I was not really “feeling” like going to GYM. My kids (my son and my daughter) had come to stay with me for 5 days and already three days had passed so quickly.  We just had these 48 hours where we could spend together, and then they would leave for their respective cities & hostels. And so naturally I wanted to spend every moment with them.


My kids, (well they are young adults) they INSISTED that I go to GYM. They DEMANDED that I should go. They understood that it was important for my physical and mental health that I need to EXCERCISE regularly. (I am overweight and currently fighting back to regain my physical strength back).


Hence, on lot of insistence, I reluctantly stepped out of my house. As I started my vehicle, I was still contemplating whether I should actually go as my kids were saying or I should stay home. Well, I would have travelled a little less than halfway & decided to return home. My heart was where my kids were. So I took a U-turn and returned home.

BUT, As I entered my house, I saw their surprised face and a bit of disappointment in their eyes. In a FLASH it struck me – “If I REALLY LOVE THEM, then I SHOULD BE IN GYM RIGHT NOW. THEY WANT ME TO DO GYM. That will give them MORE happiness than me bunking my-GYM for them“.

So, without saying anything, I again stepped out of my house. This time with full determination to COMPLETE my ONE-HOUR Workout without any guilt and with full commitment towards myself and my health.

As I entered GYM, a new energy filled me in.  Today was Weight’s routines. After regular warm-up & light-Cardio, I started with my first set of weights, then 2nd and followed MY-CHART. Each Machine which I exercised on, it filled me with more and more determination. It filled me with happiness which cannot be expressed in words.


There in GYM I WAS – “ME”, as an INDIVIDUAL. I was me as a person committed to her health and her body. I was me, pushing myself to do and be my best. I was me, challenging myself to do better.

For that ONE-HOUR, I was transformed into being ONLY ME. 

For that ONE-HOUR, I wasn’t anyone MOM nor anyone’s WIFE, nor anyone’s daughter-in-law nor anyone’s sister.

I was ME, for myself and for MY BODY.

ONE HOUR went by in a jiffy. I didn’t even realize and so quickly I was on last set of exercise.


As I was finished my routines, it struck me – I was so much filled with new energy and a kind of contentment. I was simply super happy. I returned home much happier than as compared to what I was 1.5 hours ago.


After I returned, I was MORE ACTIVE and HAPPIER. & Because I was happier and active, I enjoyed cooking for my kids (as compared to past three days, which I have been doing). The whole day went by super happy. We spent a couple of hours together – simply giggling and laughing.


The learning of the day:

  • When you yourself are happy, you can GIVE much MORE
  • Take care of your BODY. It’s the ONLY BODY that you have to stay-in for rest-of-your-life
  • Spend at least ONE-HOUR being YOU. Just YOU. Do whatever you like – music, painting, blogging, dancing, GYM. Believe me, that’s ONE HOUR will transform you. It will help you and the ones you dearly love.
  • KIDS are NOT KIDS. Do Listen to them. After all as they say –>  A child is father of a MAN.  🙂


Somewhere my mind echoed flight’s safety instructions à In case of emergency, first wear your OWN MASK. And then help others.  😊





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