Balancing the Balance #MPBtB #MPInnerReflections

Balancing the Balance #MPBtB #MPInnerReflections #InnerReflections

Hi friends, today I would like to share the term #MPBtB which is short-form of the phrase which I have coined. The phrase “Balancing the Balance” has helped me look at life’s seemingly contradicting conditions or situations in a meaningful way. The outcome of understanding developed during introspecting these so called contradictory situations, I have tried to pen in blog-series #MPBtB “Balancing the Balance”.  I hope you enjoy reading the blogs-series as much as I have loved #InnerReflection and writing them 😊

In the first blog in the series, I would like to share about the term “Balancing the Balance

What is a “SCALE”?  What is a “BALANCE”? What is the difference between BALANCE & SCALE?

SCALE – Scale is a weighing instrument which measures weight of an object.


BALANCE – Balance is also a weighing instrument, just like a seesaw, with two-sidearms, and is used to compare the mass of two different objects.  In India, in Hindi we also call it a “taraju”


Scales and balances are both weighing machines, however the difference between a scale and a balance is that a weighing scale measures weight relevant to the force of gravity, while a weighing balance is used to compare the mass of two different objects.

What does “Balancing the Balance” mean?

Holding an empty “Taraju” in air in it’s balanced-state, is an art. It is a skill. Even when the “Taraju” or “Balancing-scale” is empty, it takes some amount of time to learn how to HOLD an empty BALANCE in such a way that it remains in a “Balanced” state.   

And when some-object is loaded to one side of the arm of Taraju, and after that you try to balance it by loading a different-object on the other side of the arm, for sure, it takes efforts, skill, time, observation, knowledge to keep the Taraju or the BALANCE in it’s BALANCED state.

What is significance of “Balancing the Balance” in LIFE ?

These blog-series “BalancingTheBalance”, #BtB,  is my expression of how I understand and see the life’s paradox.  In life, the objects, behaviour, situations which seem contradiction or opposite-in-nature, are actually helping us in BALANCING THE BALANCE of our life and encourage us to live a complete life.

REcharging Oneself

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I love introspecting on “BalancingtheBalance” and sharing them with you all. 😊

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