#MPBtB : Internal Balance for External Balanced-Activity

For those who would want to understand the term “Balancing the Balance”, please find the blog-link.

Hi friends, today I would like to share a different dimension of “Balancing the Balance” –> Internal Balance verses External Balance (or one can say inward and outward Balance).

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I have loved #InnerReflection and writing it 😊

On one side is “Internal Balance” and on the other side is “External Balance i.e. the activities we perform”.

Enjoy watching the short-video 🙂


What is meant by “External Balance” in place?

This one is easier to explain as well as understand. External Balance means “doing the activity or task we are supposed to perform in best possible physical-manner”.

  • I properly do the task which I am SUPPOSED to do (the task might or might not be of my liking, however I MUST do it because it is required and hence need to do it)
  • I have to do the job because I am skilled at doing it.
  • Example – Assume, I do not like cooking, however as I have responsibility of my young kids or aged parents, I need to cook for my family.
  • Example – Assume, I might be an introvert, however in the job-assignment that I have been given, I am required to connect-with other associates / customers / people etc. plus I have required knowledge and skill to do the job-assignment


What is meaning of “having Internal Balance in place”?

Well it means:

  • My internal state of mind is calm
  • My being is pleasant at that point in time and on regular frequent basis
  • My consciousness levels is high
  • My outlook and understanding about the outer world is more positive
  • My Internal-World, i.e. my heart and my mind, both are in balanced state and in agreement with each-other.

What happens when we have our internal-Balance in Place? And why is it required?

When my internal balance in place then at that point in time, I am able to freely give my love, my affection, my attention, my care, and physical activity that I am expected to perform at that point in time.

When my “internal balance is in place”, then at that point in time, as I am able to freely give, hence,  I am able to take extremely good care of myself as well as the people surrounding me and the people I love.

Who are these people that I would be required to or get a chance to care?

The people around me  with whom I would love to share myself could be my spouse, my kids, my siblings, my friends, my family members, my in-laws, anyone and every other person that I would love to share my love with. These could be the people that I would love to share or help them in their life. These could be the people who I would want to create some sweet memories with. The people I would want to share and care, could be as close as the person I love OR  it could be someone that I am not a meeting regularly, but I’m meeting them in the hospitals, in the centre that I go to do SEVA.


In giving love to others, the Givers need to surely define an internal boundary. The givers need to have a BALANCED approach.  They need to balance themselves inward as well as outwards.

Beaware, do not empty yourself fully, because you will need some energy to recharge yourself too. 🙂

If I get dragged into your storm, how will I than able to drag both of us out? Either I have to be so best an expert that I remain “in a good-manner” slightly detatched and yet able to perfrom the activity with love which I am supposed to do.

So next time let us be aware about are internal balance that we create for our own being, before we start any act of External-physical activity.

Let us focus inward, so that, when we are doing any physical external activity as act of kindness or an act of pure love, giving and sharing anything, it helps us “Balance the Balance” for ourselves and our receivers.

When the focus is inward, then we will be able to perform better, serve better. Thus, We will be able to contribute in creating a better surrounding 😊

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