SMILE because it happened :)

DONT CRY Because it’s over, SMILE because it happened.

We generally tend to feel sad and cry when anything of our liking comes to an end or is getting transitioned to the next phase.

It could be anything – a job that we love and for some reason we need to find another one, or maybe our children relocating to different city to start their college-life.

We are incorrectly conditioned to think that “feeling sad is natural”, “Feeling low is OK”.

I have a different opinion. I would like to see the event of “child going to relocate due to starting their college-life” and how what best we can learn from this event. How do we as parent maintain our balance and carry on with our life?

The simple answer is –> Thank that it happened. Be thankful for the past. Be happy for the memories which you were able to create. Be proud of the accomplishments which you and your loved ones were able to achieve. Plus positively look forward to creating a much better future.

Be it “an empty nest syndrome” or “death of loved one” or a breakup or simply a situation that a loved one is physically or emotionally moving away…

Such times we tend to focus on “the past” and feel low. However, a better approach would be that of FULL GRATITUDE.

Being thankful for the past will eventually help you move on.

For details please do watch this short recroding and share your views and comments.

#StayPeaceful #StayHappy #StayBlessed

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