Abundance – Let Your CUP Overflow :)

So far in life, I have been quite a contented person, except the hunger and desire for knowledge 😊.

Due to my “until-this-point” current “limited” understanding about “being Contented”, I have been questioning myself and trying to understand the need of “Abundance” or “Why DREAM? WHY DESIRE?” In which scenario “THE SECRET”, “The power of subconscious mind” should be used, better would be to say “proper-use”.

Universe has its unique ways to reaching out to us and help us. 😊

Recently I happened to come across an invitation to join a “21-day Abundance challenge” program. Being inquisitive, I joined the program. 😊

Fully being aware, that I am fully contented, I do believe in being open towards any self-development. My experience says that joining such self-help programs, will impact to the effect that I am open towards receiving. And for sake, say even if I am NOT THAT RECEIPTIVE, participating in such self-help program will definitely NOT do any harm.

Well I joined it as “being open to receive”, whatever the UNIVERSE has to share with me and direct myself to the “next version of being me”.  

While I am still in the journey of 21-day program, The Universe seems to have provided the answer to the question on ABUNDANCE.  

This blog and associated video is an attempt to explain #InnerReflection and current understanding on the topic of “ABUNDANCE” and why one should be “OPEN towards Receiving it”

Looking forward to receiving your comments and views.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog & Watching the Video, as much as I loved creating and writing it.

Thanks & Best Regards


#MP #InnerReflections

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