When to ACT? WHEN NOT to ACT ?

Even taking NO ACTION is also an ACTION.

When to engross into “the external world”? and When to remain “within” ?

This topic is quite an exhaustive topic , however here is limited view of #BalancingTheBalance when it comes to INVOLVEMENT and taking ACTION.

Whether we take action or do not take action, which action we take and why? and Would we have taken same action if we would have been different state-of-mind or our own energy levels and situations – these are just few questions which we need to constantly ask ourselves.

CONSTANT CHANGE is THE ONLY Permanent thing.

Hence, requesting to read below reading with “#CONSTANTCHANGE” mind-set.



BALANCED Behaviour
OTHER EXTREME+10000000000000…………
Too deep into Sansarik rudhichust  stubborn process-following (This means like this only.)  

Consciously taking ACTION to “Balancing” all the dimensions of life Personal, Interpersonal, Physical, Mental Sansar Chod du… Sanyasi ho jau..     Another Extreme… Giving-up on LIFE and RUNNING Away from Vyahar (Being a householder this is NOT POSSIBLE)

Taking additional action to continuously be in a SINGLE Kind of Program – be it related to health, spirituality etc…

just keep attending the programs without actually implementing in Vyvharik life.

How to BE BALANCED “Madhyast” in ACTION

“Limit people” who you EXPOSE YOURSELF to , in YOUR Satvik way of living and thinking.   


#Balancing the Balance

I am learning how to “#Balance-The-Balance.  While it is easy for me to switch from one extreme to another (-1 or 1, maintaining a ZERO or Natural state is what I am trying to achieve. Yes while I know that “always being in the NEUTRAL State” can also lead to more issues… and as per prakruti I anyways keep fluctuating between these line… self evaluating my actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and so on…

I try to pen down my limited understanding about what so-far I have understood from my life’s journey.

& Since it’s a journey, this understanding will evolve further and the list may change too…

Anything in EXTREME is POISION. So even though just as for example I have shown the two extremes with a +ve and -ve number, it number with +10000000000000000… is still a NEGATIVE in terms of “Balancing-the-Balance” 

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