I am always confused – How much is enough ?

My liking and understanding towards what to where fluctuates from one extreme to another. I am NO FASHION person. I am still trying to understand the importance and significance of FASHION and “proper way of dressing”

Below is my “CURRENT” understanding about Clothing. Please do feel free to share your view and any guidance on the topic. I would be so glad to receive the same.


Too much into Fashion or
You must wear it this-way ONLY.
Dress appropriate for occasion as per climate, our health, our body type what looks graceful and suits us No Fashion sense or
Too much of “I Don’t care” at all, choose a single colour. Totally wear anything anywhere.   Well you can do that, if you are Steve-jobs  or a sanyasi   🙂
Learn from such people the basic-minimum way of dressing. Respect and Appriciate their knowledge about Clothing and FASHION 🙂Be inspired to practice your own Balanced standRespect and appriciate their BOLDness to “speak up their mind”.


#Balancing the Balance

I am learning how to “#Balance-The-Balance.  While it is easy for me to switch from one extreme to another (-1 or 1, maintaining a ZERO or Natural state is what I am trying to achieve. Yes while I know that “always being in the NEUTRAL State” can also lead to more issues… and as per prakruti I anyways keep fluctuating between these line… self evaluating my actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and so on…

I try to pen down my limited understanding about what so-far I have understood from my life’s journey.

& Since it’s a journey, this understanding will evolve further and the list may change too…

Anything in EXTREME is POISION. So even though just as for example I have shown the two extremes with a +ve and -ve number, it number with +10000000000000000… is still a NEGATIVE in terms of “Balancing-the-Balance” 

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