#Balancing the Balance #MyStateofBeing

No DAY is same. EACH MOMENT is different from the pervious one.

The only CONSTANT thing is CHANGE.

Internal as well as External Change.

And in this Constant CHANGE happening inside me as well as around me, how should I be EMOTIONALLY STABLE, in BALANCED State of BEING ?

This blog tries to understand the “State of BEING” that we can get into and how to make BEST-USE of each-state.


Depressed, Sad, gloomy, criticizing world and people always, blaming them for your life. Knowing YOU Yourself are responsible for your inner state of being.

* Understanding and accepting that “Happiness” is a state of being and one can be HAPPY or at least Neutral in events of life

* remaining NEUTRAL and NOT Loosing hope when external events or situations become extreme.
Over-Excited, Totally out of control, shaking-hands and legs with excitement. 

Considering someone else for the “reason of your happiness”
Connect with HIGHER Powers, Higher source of Energies and RECHARGE yourself.Understand the difference between MOHA & Compassion.

Becoming aware of oneself and the “OVER/EXCESS” emotions.

Silent meditation will help.

a bit about “Balancing the Balance”

I am learning how to “#Balance-The-Balance.  While it is easy for me to switch from one extreme to another (-1 or 1, maintaining a ZERO or Natural state is what I am trying to achieve. Yes while I know that “always being in the NEUTRAL State” can also lead to more issues… and as per prakruti I anyways keep fluctuating between these line… self evaluating my actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and so on…

I try to pen down my limited understanding about what so-far I have understood from my life’s journey.

& Since it’s a journey, this understanding will evolve further and the list may change too…

Anything in EXTREME is POISION. So even though just as for example I have shown the two extremes with a +ve and -ve number, it number with +10000000000000000… is still a NEGATIVE in terms of “Balancing-the-Balance” 

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