With the variety of options we have today, getting confused about what to eat and what not to eat is quite an mental excercise.

Sometime THE-PROBLEM-OF-PLENTY makes us think and become aware of what should be our appropriate choice.

Furhter with easy availibility of more and more processed food, we can satisfy our taste buds even more easily than our earlier generations.

What is a “BALANCED FOOD Habit” then becomes a question to ponder upon and topic of introspection.

In this blog, I try to capture one aspect of #BalancingTheBalance with respect to FOOD. Yes there are many more dimensions which can be included, however for now sharing the current thoughts as below.


OTHER EXTREME+10000000000000
HEALTHY Keep eating all kind of junk always.. not taking absolutely care of what might-be-good-for-body. Only think about taste and maan.  

Thinking too much about food.

Eating a balanced diet, the one which is good for health as well as one-item which satisfies the mind too.

Eat wide variety of food   Cheat-days when you eat for pleasure and for taste.  
EAT ONLY Extremely healthy (good for body) without giving the liberty of eating something for pleasure (food which satisfies heart or maan)  

Being Thankful Constantly complaining about food that you consume.

Never appreciate the taste of the food nor being thankful for the food you are consuming
Be thankful for the food we eat Appreciate the efforts for the preparation and appreciate something which you have really liked.   Always falsely appreciate the food even if it is not edible.

Eat any tasteless food day-after-day in name of “acceptance” and which in the long run will eventually impact your appetite as well as mood negatively.


I am learning how to “#Balance-The-Balance.  While it is easy for me to switch from one extreme to another (-1 or 1, maintaining a ZERO or Natural state is what I am trying to achieve. Yes while I know that “always being in the NEUTRAL State” can also lead to more issues… and as per prakruti I anyways keep fluctuating between these line… self evaluating my actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and so on…

I try to pen down my limited understanding about what so-far I have understood from my life’s journey.

& Since it’s a journey, this understanding will evolve further and the list may change too…

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