In the Series of “Balancing The Balance” – This blog focuses on “PEOPLE”.

There are so many different kind of people. We instantly like some and for some we question ourselves as to “How can someone be like this?”


Judging people, we only end-up judging ourselves. We do not have any right to JUDGE ANYONE, as everyone’s journey is different.

Yes we might want to “UNDERSTAND” why a particular person behaves or lives in a particular way. As long as we are INQUISITIVE to KNOW and UNDERSTAND someone, analyzing the trends/ways of life people live, will enrich us, our knowledge and help us understand them better.

It will help us maintianing our #BalancingTheBalance within ourselves and during interacting with them.

Treat each one as a TEACHER. EXTRACT the BEST from a situation as well as a person.


The ones who drain you with their negativity, evil thinking, curse, have ill-feeling for you.  The ones who provide you with good guidance, information when you ask for   The one who uplift you, the one who motivates you when they feel required or when you ask them The one who may care for you and constantly try to keep motivating you which you might find it as lecture you or as if trying to keep correcting you.
FOCUS on YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL-Learning, inner-strength to “ACCEPT & UNDERSTAND” and increase your own “ADAPTABILITY” to being around such people. You will naturally feel instantly COMFORTABLE with a person who is Well-Balanced in his / her approach.

These are the people who you will find yourself pulled to.
FOCUS on THEIR POSITIVE and increase our own “ADAPTABILITY” to being around such people.

And, In my conduct, my own behaviour, let me be aware ENOUGH, so as to behave in a MADHYAST, BALANCED Way 🙂

A little-bit about “#BalancingTheBalance”

I am learning how to “#Balance-The-Balance.  While it is easy for me to switch from one extreme to another (-1 or 1, maintaining a ZERO or Natural state is what I am trying to achieve. Yes while I know that “always being in the NEUTRAL State” can also lead to more issues… and as per prakruti I anyways keep fluctuating between these line… self evaluating my actions, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and so on…

I try to pen down my limited understanding about what so-far I have understood from my life’s journey.

& Since it’s a journey, this understanding will evolve further and the list may change too…

Anything in EXTREME is POISION. So even though just as for example I have shown the two extremes with a +ve and -ve number, it number with +10000000000000000… is still a NEGATIVE in terms of “Balancing-the-Balance” 

#MPInnerReflections #MPBtB

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