How To Interact & conduct yourself well with different People-Pattern #MPInnerReflections


“Limit people” who you EXPOSE YOURSELF to (get influnced with) , in YOUR way of living and thinking.   Check “The external and internal influence” you are putting-yourelf thru.

Innermost CORE. THE DOT – NONE BUT YOURSELF, YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, Your energy-levels  (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)  will fluctuate. Spend maximum time and efforts towards keeping your energy levels constant and possibly gradually increasing them. When you are at your highest level of awareness, it becomes so easy to deal with any and every kind of situation and or people.

NOTE : The below CATEGORIZATION is simply so as to “understand” how one can peacefully deal with different kind of people. This in NO WAY a CATEGORIZATION of people themselves, however it is about the “pattern” that we or someone tends to exhibit repeatedly again and again. Because in categorizing people, it is we ourselves who “AT-that-point-in-time” are our projections of our understanding and energy-levels.

Inner-Circle Those with similar-interest, higher-level of spirituality or hobby that you can learn from them & WHO DO RECIPROCATE same or higher level of consciousness than yours, then you will natuarally be inclined toward including them in your “Innermost” List. These are the ONES YOU would tend to VALUE & if they get hurt because of some action of yours then you would want to discuss in “OPEN-Discussion”. These are the ones who you will really VALUE and will want YOURSELF to be clarified or Certified from. These are the ONES who you think will do good to you.  These are the people who you would want to lean ON (whether you should or not is a different aspect & whether everythime it will be possible for them to be there for you is also a different aspect all togeher). These are the ones who can show you value in you.   

Middle-circle:   Neutral : Not-good, NOT BAD. These are the ones, who if they do not do any good, at least will NOT do any harm. These are the ones, for some quality of theirs which you need-to-learn, you will want to keep contact with in your life.   

Outer-Circle / Boarder-line: You do not “feel-like” or “Don’t want to”, but for some reason you MUST keep them in your life. These are the one who will be intrumental in “testing your patience and awareness levels”. Keep limited interactions with them. Whenever Interacting keep checking YOURSELF and your level of awareness. Eventually with time and with repeated interaction, you will come to know where you & they belong in each-other’s life.   

OUT OF CIRCLE: Out of Circle: These necessarily are not BAD people. They may have their own reasons to be different and not much interaction. Ristedars you meet in social functions, but otherwise no contact with.   

10-FEET-Away / Avoid as much as possible These are the ONES you should KEEP yourself 10-Feet away from. Again there is NO Good-BAD, but yes if your mental-peace is getting disturbed again and again, then these are the ones who you need to protect yourself from, until the time you are capable to either take-the-blow or capable enough to give-them-back or capable enough to forgive (but again the reason why they are in 10-feet will decide what needs to be done next/over a period of time) YOU CAN GROW YOURSELF to LEARN the GOOD in THEM and in which situation it could be useful. But if you cannot handle your own low-emotional levels, it’s better to “let them go”, let life take it’s own natural course.

The bhikmangu and lalchi-types : The one who YOU-THINK & have experience of always cursing you, The ones who are of jealous natured, the ones who always have habit of comparison and unfair competition. Avoid them, if you do not have the capacity to REFILL YOURSELF and GIVE. Keep a check-and-balance. Have Compassion towards them, but do not get pulled into “emotional-blackmail”, if you at that point-of-time are “Feeling” and “Sensing” that “it is ALWAYS a one-sided transaction”. Yes, these too are your teachers for your self-development. “Learn to say SO, without feeling guilty”. Learn to draw a respectful-line in interactions and sharing.

NOT in LIFE & NO ACTIVE effort to even make any contact – Let them live in peace and you be in peace with them. If your roads cross at some point in time, then take time to understand yourself and them without any PAST baggage.

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