#MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

This blog and video’s focus is to explain a method to achieve “Balancing the Balance” between “Acceptance of What is” and “Desire something, and make it happen”.

Graceful & Grateful Acceptance of whatever currently available” is an extremely beneficial attitude. With conscious awareness, we must develop the habit to graciously accept whatever is currently available to us. The acceptance required could be for “food that we are offered”, “materialistic possessions we currently have”, “relations we have in our life” and/or “our current health condition”.

At the same time, we do read and hear much about “MAKING IT HAPPEN”.  In one of my blogs, I have tried to share the “IMPORTANCE” of “DESIRING for ABUNDANCE” & “BEING OPEN for RECEIVING ABUNDANCE”.

Now “ACCEPTANCE” and “DESIRE” may look like TWO CONTRADITIORY concepts, however they are not. Both have their significance in our life and are important to us. When we look at ACCEPTANCE & DESIRE as COMPLEMENTARY to each-other, then both-together make a complete-package for us to enjoy our life to the BEST possible.

Here, in this video, I try to explain what does it means to have “Balancing the Balance” between “ACCEPTANCE” & “Acknowledging our Desire, putting efforts towards Crystalizing it, MAKING THINGS Happen” and how to achieve the same.

Acceptance Verses Desire

I hope you like the concept and content as much as I liked writing this blog and learning how to make a video on it.

Looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback.

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