Weekly-List of Dishes

If you are a parent of a Kindergartener or a junior school toddler or a teenager, I am sure you as a parent would at some point in time find yourself dealing with one or more of the below listed question:

  • How do I make my kid eat heathy food?
  • My child wants to eat only “his-choice” of food and it is mostly junk food. How can I deal with this situation?
  • My child does not listen to me when it comes to eating variety of food. What can I do?
  • How can I give a balanced diet to my child?
  • I have two kids, and both have totally different liking in food. How can I satisfy their demands and ensure both of them feel happy and cared for?
  • I am a working-mother. Any tips to make my “household process” smooth, automated and less time consuming?
  • Should I every time give in to demands from my child for eating something of his liking OR Should I stick to my ground and make my child eat whatever is cooked in the house?  
  • What is a good way to handle kids’ tantrums when it comes to eating food ONLY of his choice?
  • I am a FOODI, how do I embibe and practice good food habits in our family ?

Well the simple answer is:

  • Create a set of rules for your home. These Rules can be related to acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour, a process to be followed to express each one’s desires, and what is the boundary or limit which is acceptable.
  • Each home will have their own set-of-rules. Let there be ZERO COMPARISION between whatever is followed in any other home – your next-door neighbour nor your best friend nor your child’s best friend’s home.
  • Even when you set rules for your house, still you will have to learn to be proficient to explain these rules and the importance of following them. Do remember, very few people like discipline and after all the one we are dealing here with ourselves and our young kids.  
  • You will have to learn to become an expert NEGOTIATOR with your child. Kids have their sweet smiling charm and they have their remarkably valid reasons for “what they think is right for them to demand” from you.
  • As a PARENT, it is upon you to understand the IMPORTANCE and SIGNIFICANCE of two seemingly contradictory yet complementary concepts of ACCEPTANCE and DESIRE-Making-it-happen.
  • When you are CLEAR about how to “Balance the Balance” between “Acceptance of what is” and “Allowing oneself to indulge in desire, and taking required action to achieve it” , with a little bit of strategic planning and time-management you will be able to handle the situation really well.
  • Do find here my blog on “Acceptance Vs Desire” for details on the concept.


  • Prepare a WEEKLY-LIST of “dishes to be cooked/prepared/ordered during the week.
  • Take inputs and help from your child/children to create a “What-to-prepare-this-week”. Allow them to ADD their choice of dish to the list.
  • Let the kids OWN/Add/prepare 20% to 30% of the list. i.e. Example, in a week we have seven days, three times meal a day, = 21 times of meals we eat in a week. Hence, your child will be happy to have EIGHT to TWELVE DISHES of HIS CHOICE getting added to the list.
  • However, DO NOT COMMIT TO THE DATE & TIME, certain item will be prepared. Explain your child, that the DISH will be definately prepared during the week, BUT you will not be able to commit the EXACT DATE and time when it will be prepared.
  • Out of the EIGHT to TWELVE Dishes that the child has added to the list, even if they are all JUNK-FOOD items, lovingly accept childs desire to eat these “happy-meals”.
  • The Weekly-list will ensure their desires are taken into consideration and it will help them become aware of “how-many-times” they are allowing “JUNK” food into their diet.
  • It will help them develop a healthy habit of “Keeping their patience” and “waiting for their turn”.
  • It will develop them into mature grateful individuals who will know how to balance the balance between their own desires and needs.
  • The benefits of the process are many, and I have covered some of them in my video here.

Do view this video, that explains the fundamentals of “Balancing The Balance” between making good use of Acceptance and Desire.

Looking forward to receiving your view and comments.

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