I am Nimmit

Every 5-7 years , when I become ” *The nimmit* ” for a Major decision ( which can have a lasting impact on my & others life)
On day to day basis, Sometimes, I when knowingly or unknowingly, become an influencer / nimmitt , for someone else’s decisions

Whatever the case may be, my mind tends to evaluate the outcome of Decision into pleasure or sometimes pain.

There are times when I Question myself and seek answer from universe – What is my Dharma ? Should I go ahead and keep providing guidance? Or should I simply shut myself down? Is it good to help someone proactively or should I help only when asked from me? Should I take MY LIFE DECISIONS, or should I simply let life take its own course?


In short , it’s a catch-22 situation 🙂

Hence I think it is Bette to take a decision as per best understanding with available information, so that I know, I TOOK A DECISION & I am RESPONDING TO & RESPONSIBLE for MY LIFE.

Should I be ambitious, act on ACHIEVING something or should I remain contented with whatever I have ?

Whatever case may be, & whether

Immediate Outcome might or might not be as per expected, however *if/when* *INTENTIONS* are *UNSELFISHLY CLEAN*,  something good definitely evolves out of it.

This has so far been the experience in LIFE.

Yes, when I have been blinded by MAYA, and taken any decisions attached with MOHA for myself, something or someone, then those are the Decisions for which I have lived with consequences of the Decisions, and at times had to do EXTRA EFFORTS TO CLEANSE my consciousness. 

So when ever , while giving guidance to anyone, or to my kids and as well as to myself,

Along with evaluating  pros & cons of the so many possibilities, I have added a practice of also trying to feel & understand, the what, where & why is MY INNERMOST MOHA attached?

 between  when confirms that The act is truly

  • With good intentions
  • Without any lobha
  • Without any fear
  • It’s not a running away from pain, rather it about embracing something positive
  • With larger benefit, than immediate result
  • consequences of which I am OK to face (& I am ready to prepare for it)
  • Not disrespecting anyone, but living in line with MY being & values
  • INTENTIONS are good, receiver is ASKING for it, Receiver is WORTHY OF IT (on in the process), ready to work for it, has faith in it
  • …… A # of Internal validations

The list is long, however once the clarity & , then it leads to my remaining in peaceful state.

In TRUE sense, Life is making me ready to #BecomingANimmit



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