Welcom to the Series on #FoodHabits #Parenting #Balancing the Balance between what we have READ and understand about the Food-Needs of the Child and what is practical must dos and dont’s in parenting.

No single HAT fits all, hence what is shared in blog and videos is MY-Experience on parenting my daughter and my son, the experiments and experiences of parenting which have helped me and our family.

  • Each Child Gives his/her SIGNALs. As a Parent, it is WE WHO NEED to LEARN to Observe & LISTEN to THE SIGNAL of our child
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  • Child learns faster from observing. Hence If we want our CHILD to develop a good food habit, the Key is Parent have to discepline themselves (THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK)
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  • Inculcateing Good Food Habits from Childhood, helps during Teens and Adulthood

I hope you like and enjoy the series. I look forward to receive your individual story and question on the topic.