Molding Yourself with TIME

Living a LIFE with a THOUGHT “Today’s younger generation do not listen to their elders” is a painful way of existence.

Some call it “GENERATION GAP” and think it as a natural phenomenon.

However, I beg to differ and not give in, because I have seen elderly who have moulded themselves with time and the younger generation today respect them tremendously for their wisdom, knowledge and conduct.

Closer home, Shree Narenadra Modi ji (the Prime Minister of India), Shree Amitabh Bacchan ji (Film Personality), Shree Sadguru (Spiritual Teacher & Mystic), are just a few names. I do see many who have changed the world dynamics during their later phase of life.

The BASIC NEEDS remain the same, Only the PACKAGING in which they are met (asked for and received ) has changed. And when one can mould oneself as per the changing times, one grows with time.

Physical AGING might be as per flow of TIME, however  MATURE GROWING is individual’s CHOICE.

Please do find my #InnerReflections on the topic.

I hope you like the video. Looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback

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