Anything In Excess Is Poison. How and Where do I draw “MY” Line ?


A few quotes shared by my friends, served as food-for-thought for preparing this video. I must say, I liked the Quotes in first reading, however I immediately felt something was missing in the quotes.

I realized that in this electronic world, today we are surrounded by quotes. If Understood properly, they can help us. However if misunderstood or if NOT understood properly, these quotes instead of helping can mislead us to improper direction. Every Quote thus needs to be Read, Understood, Dissected for deeper meaning, Evaluated for various situations and then we can appreciate the aspect and situation in which the Quote can become useful.

As example – “Be good to Others, irrespective of how they treat you“. It is relative to the situation that we are in, the number of times such a behavioural pattern is repeated, persons involved and many other aspects.

Anything in Excess is poision. So how to decide when and where to draw the line ? There are many questions around “Drawing the line” or “Walking the Middle path”.

Based on my life experience & current understanding , I have tried to capture my #InnerREflections (thoughts and view point) on the subject-topic.

This video focuses on explaining

  • What is meant by “Anything in excess is POISON
  • Why it is important to understand “Relative” nature of things – numbers, quotes, environment
  • Why it is important to REMEMBER, that “Everything is Relative”, except the CORE that You ARE.
  • How to understand and decide “where do I draw MY-LINE”
  • Making best use of Nurture and In-born Nature

I hope you like the video and the explaination. Please feel free to Subscribe, like and comment on Blogs and Videos.

Also, in case required please do feel free to reach out to me thru my contact-page, in case there is a specific situation which you would like to disucss with me. I would love to offer my “Listening help and Directional Questions” #LHDQ

Love and Peace to All.


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