Marks, Education, LIFE.

Based on the journey of two generation (me & my kids) school-life I believe in following

Importance of Marks

  • During School & college, UNDERSTANDING of the Topic is important.
  • Rank is given it’s importance, because of current “selection-method” of selected-schools/ Entrance-exams & fear of “Availability of LIMITED number of SEATS”.
  • In LIFE, regularity, sincerity, determination, politeness, compassion, etc. LIFE-skills is required.

So Friends, 🙃🙂Marks 🙃🙂 I am yet to fully figured out why & where they are required, other than in ENTRANCE / Competition, to calculate RANK.

When I see Parents of kindergarten, Jr and middle school cribbing & crying over marks, Percentage or RANK of their child, I find it quite funny and sorry at same point-in-time. I think, today Parents need to be reminded about remaining balanced and rounded in their approach.

Let us not JUDGE our kids based on narrow view of numbers.

My regards and respect to Parents and Teachers, who support the child to blossom in their own unique way.

Life is NOT a Competition; Life is a JOURNEY. Let’s learn to CELEBRATE it well.

Continuation : Part-2 of MARKS, KNOWLEDGE, LIFE 🙂

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