#MPBtB Faith Vs Reasoning

Faith verses REasoning Making best use of combination of "FAITH" AND "REASONING" Taking ACTION based on Faith Taking Action based on Reasoning Taking First-step ACTION in-line with reasoning and with complete FAITH Hope you enjoy this audio-video on "balancing the Balance between FAITH and Reasoning". Together they make a COMPLETE PACKAGE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIHiwbzqPuw

#MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

This blog and video’s focus is to explain a method to achieve "Balancing the Balance" between "Acceptance of What is" and "Desire something, and make it happen". “Graceful & Grateful Acceptance of whatever currently available” is an extremely beneficial attitude. With conscious awareness, we must develop the habit to graciously accept whatever is currently available … Continue reading #MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

#MPBtB : Internal Balance for External Balanced-Activity

For those who would want to understand the term “Balancing the Balance”, please find the blog-link. Hi friends, today I would like to share a different dimension of “Balancing the Balance” --> Internal Balance verses External Balance (or one can say inward and outward Balance). I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I … Continue reading #MPBtB : Internal Balance for External Balanced-Activity