SSS-BB-CEE Life Vs Compitition

There are certain Building-Blocks which can help anyone preparing for appearing for Entrance-Exams. The first in the series "Samajh Se Success", Building-Blocks of "Defining Success", do find our thoughts and video on "LIFE Vs Compitition". A summarized listing of building-blocks can be found here. Please do feel free to share with others who you … Continue reading SSS-BB-CEE Life Vs Compitition

Defining SUCCESS

Reflecting back  on past 5-6 years, My Learning -  an extract - from kids"preparing for Entrance Exams" like NEET/JEE the Journey (so far) :  1. Daily LIFE & Competition are TWO DIFFERENT things. Competition CHALLENGES YOU.  It's OK to "NOT LIKE" COMPETITION, however when you become a participant, ensure to have HUNGER TO WIN, & … Continue reading Defining SUCCESS