Marks, Education, LIFE.

Based on the journey of two generation (me & my kids) school-life I believe in following Importance of Marks During School & college, UNDERSTANDING of the Topic is important. Rank is given it's importance, because of current "selection-method" of selected-schools/ Entrance-exams & fear of "Availability of LIMITED number of SEATS". In LIFE, regularity, sincerity, determination, … Continue reading Marks, Education, LIFE.

#FoodHabit – 4 #BTB #BeingFlexiable

The last blog of the series #FoodHabit, please do find a video on #BalancingTheBalance between AdheringTheSchedule and BeingFlexibleENOUGH to understand the WHOLENESS of the Situation. Sharing my experience of being a Parent and what has worked for me and my family. Listen to your Child and USE your JUDGEMENT Be Relaxed while you have an … Continue reading #FoodHabit – 4 #BTB #BeingFlexiable

#FoodHabit – 3

In continuation with the series, in this video I share the TIPS on aspects to be considered in #BalancingTheBalance between OverEating and UnderEating when feeding a child. These are Experience-GEMS collected thru my experiments of Parenting and which helped me in my journey as a Parent. I hope these TIPS as act as guidelines for … Continue reading #FoodHabit – 3


In the series of #Parenting, developing good FOODHabits, let us look at some of the TIPS and Guideline which helped me during my journey of Parenting, from when my kids were young and during their school-days. There should be a MAX duration for feed/eating food. There should be certain Minimum GAP between two feeds/eating-food.A FIXED … Continue reading #FoodHabit-2


Welcom to the Series on #FoodHabits #Parenting #Balancing the Balance between what we have READ and understand about the Food-Needs of the Child and what is practical must dos and dont's in parenting. No single HAT fits all, hence what is shared in blog and videos is MY-Experience on parenting my daughter and my son, … Continue reading #FoodHabit-1

Weekly-List of Dishes

If you are a parent of a Kindergartener or a junior school toddler or a teenager, I am sure you as a parent would at some point in time find yourself dealing with one or more of the below listed question: How do I make my kid eat heathy food?My child wants to eat only … Continue reading Weekly-List of Dishes