Difference between Love and MOHA

What is Difference between Love and MOHA? My experience of LOVE and MOHA - Its summarized #InnerReflections based on the current understanding. Looking forward to learn from your experience and observations. https://youtu.be/LzYJqfU3s1M Please feel free to share the link and the Video, in case you feel it can help someone. Namaskar and Regards


कुछ वक़्त से, वक़्त से वक़्त जानना सीख रही हूँ,कुछ वक़्त से,वक़्त से आपने लिए वक़्त निकलना सीख रही हूँ।। कुछ वक़्त से,वक़्त से, जीवन जीना सीख रही हूँ,कुछ वक़्त से, वक़्त से समय जैसे बहना सीख रही हूँ।। एक वक़्त था जब वक़्त ने मुझे संभाला था,आज वक़्त ये है के मैं वक़्त सम्हालना … Continue reading वक़्त

#MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

This blog and video’s focus is to explain a method to achieve "Balancing the Balance" between "Acceptance of What is" and "Desire something, and make it happen". “Graceful & Grateful Acceptance of whatever currently available” is an extremely beneficial attitude. With conscious awareness, we must develop the habit to graciously accept whatever is currently available … Continue reading #MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire