#FoodHabit – 3

In continuation with the series, in this video I share the TIPS on aspects to be considered in #BalancingTheBalance between OverEating and UnderEating when feeding a child. These are Experience-GEMS collected thru my experiments of Parenting and which helped me in my journey as a Parent. I hope these TIPS as act as guidelines for … Continue reading #FoodHabit – 3

I am Nimmit

Every 5-7 years , when I become ” *The nimmit* ” for a Major decision ( which can have a lasting impact on my & others life)OrOn day to day basis, Sometimes, I when knowingly or unknowingly, become an influencer / nimmitt , for someone else’s decisions Whatever the case may be, my mind tends … Continue reading I am Nimmit

Weekly-List of Dishes

If you are a parent of a Kindergartener or a junior school toddler or a teenager, I am sure you as a parent would at some point in time find yourself dealing with one or more of the below listed question: How do I make my kid eat heathy food?My child wants to eat only … Continue reading Weekly-List of Dishes

#MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

This blog and video’s focus is to explain a method to achieve "Balancing the Balance" between "Acceptance of What is" and "Desire something, and make it happen". “Graceful & Grateful Acceptance of whatever currently available” is an extremely beneficial attitude. With conscious awareness, we must develop the habit to graciously accept whatever is currently available … Continue reading #MPBtB Acceptance Vs Desire

Abundance – Let Your CUP Overflow :)

So far in life, I have been quite a contented person, except the hunger and desire for knowledge 😊. Due to my “until-this-point” current “limited” understanding about "being Contented”, I have been questioning myself and trying to understand the need of “Abundance” or “Why DREAM? WHY DESIRE?” In which scenario “THE SECRET”, “The power of … Continue reading Abundance – Let Your CUP Overflow 🙂

#MPBtB : Internal Balance for External Balanced-Activity

For those who would want to understand the term “Balancing the Balance”, please find the blog-link. Hi friends, today I would like to share a different dimension of “Balancing the Balance” --> Internal Balance verses External Balance (or one can say inward and outward Balance). I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I … Continue reading #MPBtB : Internal Balance for External Balanced-Activity