Three Legged Platform

Let's understand what's the most important platform for us which helps us to achieve our dreams. Note : These are my #InnerReflections as on today. The sharing is with purpose that may it help those who are also on the same path of living a peaceful, blissful life. If you have any suggestions and … Continue reading Three Legged Platform


Difference between Love and MOHA

What is Difference between Love and MOHA? My experience of LOVE and MOHA - Its summarized #InnerReflections based on the current understanding. Looking forward to learn from your experience and observations. Please feel free to share the link and the Video, in case you feel it can help someone. Namaskar and Regards


कुछ वक़्त से, वक़्त से वक़्त जानना सीख रही हूँ,कुछ वक़्त से,वक़्त से आपने लिए वक़्त निकलना सीख रही हूँ।। कुछ वक़्त से,वक़्त से, जीवन जीना सीख रही हूँ,कुछ वक़्त से, वक़्त से समय जैसे बहना सीख रही हूँ।। एक वक़्त था जब वक़्त ने मुझे संभाला था,आज वक़्त ये है के मैं वक़्त सम्हालना … Continue reading वक़्त

SSS-BB-CEE Life Vs Compitition

There are certain Building-Blocks which can help anyone preparing for appearing for Entrance-Exams. The first in the series "Samajh Se Success", Building-Blocks of "Defining Success", do find our thoughts and video on "LIFE Vs Compitition". A summarized listing of building-blocks can be found here. Please do feel free to share with others who you … Continue reading SSS-BB-CEE Life Vs Compitition

Marks, Education, LIFE.

Based on the journey of two generation (me & my kids) school-life I believe in following Importance of Marks During School & college, UNDERSTANDING of the Topic is important. Rank is given it's importance, because of current "selection-method" of selected-schools/ Entrance-exams & fear of "Availability of LIMITED number of SEATS". In LIFE, regularity, sincerity, determination, … Continue reading Marks, Education, LIFE.

Anything In Excess Is Poison. How and Where do I draw “MY” Line ?

Greetings, A few quotes shared by my friends, served as food-for-thought for preparing this video. I must say, I liked the Quotes in first reading, however I immediately felt something was missing in the quotes. I realized that in this electronic world, today we are surrounded by quotes. If Understood properly, they can help us. … Continue reading Anything In Excess Is Poison. How and Where do I draw “MY” Line ?

#FoodHabit – 4 #BTB #BeingFlexiable

The last blog of the series #FoodHabit, please do find a video on #BalancingTheBalance between AdheringTheSchedule and BeingFlexibleENOUGH to understand the WHOLENESS of the Situation. Sharing my experience of being a Parent and what has worked for me and my family. Listen to your Child and USE your JUDGEMENT Be Relaxed while you have an … Continue reading #FoodHabit – 4 #BTB #BeingFlexiable

#FoodHabit – 3

In continuation with the series, in this video I share the TIPS on aspects to be considered in #BalancingTheBalance between OverEating and UnderEating when feeding a child. These are Experience-GEMS collected thru my experiments of Parenting and which helped me in my journey as a Parent. I hope these TIPS as act as guidelines for … Continue reading #FoodHabit – 3